42 St.Andrew Apostle

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42 St.Andrew Apostle

How old?: 1450-1500

Finding place: Sluis 

Place of provenance?:  St. Andrews (Scotland)

Details: h.: 67mm w.:40mm

Meaning: pilgrim’s badge from st.Andrews. St.Andrew was one of the first Christ’s students. He came from city of Betsaida and was younger brother of st. Piter. After the Holy Ghost blessing he was teaching in Achai. (so it is written in apocryphs  “History of Andrew” and “Agony of Andrew”) When he came to city of Patras in Phelopones he was arrested by Roman governor and sentenced to crucifixion. Sentence was  executed in public around 30 th. of November year 65 th. after the Birth of Christ and so it is the Day of st.Andrew. The saint was crucified on cross in shape of letter X, and such is now called St. Andrews cross.

Name Andrew comes from Greek. Andreios means brave. Reliquary of the Saint was first kept at Patras, then at Constinanopol and after the year 1202 it was taken to Amalfi; in 1464 head of St. Andrew was taken to Rome. It was given back to the Greek Church in 1964. St. Andrew is patron Saint of Scotland. 

Available made of pewter and brass. 

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